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Mother Nature Dressed Up As A Hurricane

It's been an awful couple of days in New York, the storm sweeping through and leaving over 1 million people without power, and others without homes, cars, relatives, and friends. In all the years I've never seen so few trick-or-treaters on Halloween, but I suppose mother nature beat us all with her costume.

My photos don't begin to show the devastation, but it's a taste of it

I'm lucky enough to be able to stay at my boyfriend's place, which still has power. We made a trip back to my apartment, driving around trees and power lines, to find the place completely dark, surrounded by fallen trees and debris.

A once beautiful street full of shopping and restaurants by my apartment is now dark, desolate, and without pedestrians. The traffic in and out of the city is completely ridiculous- gas stations without gas, and mandatory carpools to cross major bridges. Hospitals were evacuated due to failed generators. Homes and restaurants burned to the ground. My thoughts are with everyone affected by the storm, stay safe, and hopefully everything will be cleaned up in due time.

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