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Review | MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation; An Almost Favorite

I picked up this foundation while I was out Christmas shopping back in December. We all have one of those "one for you, one for me" gift shopping sessions! I tried out this foundation for the first time a few years ago, and I remember that I really liked it but wasn't impressed with the staying power. But then again, that was a few years back, so I decided to give it another shot.

The packaging of the product is really nice- it comes in a velvety plastic tube that's super portable and fits into make-up bags nicely. The black cap twists off, and the product can be squeezed out of the tube onto a brush, sponge, or your skin. It's not a cheap foundation (but certainly not the most expensive either), at $30 for 40ml (1.3 fl oz)- but the tube will last you forever, as a little bit goes a very long way. The photos below show a tiny amount of product, and the same amount blended out.

Pros: The finish of this foundation is absolutely beautiful, and the coverage is medium but build-able. It gives a very natural looking, luminous finish- like your skin but perfect. It's easy to put on too much of this product because it's so easy to blend, but piling it on won't make it look cake-y either, which is good on those crappy skin days. I like to apply this with a foundation brush, but fingers work just as well! Of all the MAC foundations I've tried (studio fix, studio tech, mineralize, face&body), this is the foundation that looks closest to natural skin with a higher coverage.

Cons: This is not a product for oily skin. I have combination skin- I get a bit oily in my t-zone area and usually have to blot halfway throughout the day. My cheeks are pretty good, not oily or dry- just in the middle. That being said, I noticed that this foundation only lasts two or three hours on my t-zone. The foundation slips noticeably on my forehead, and rubs off around the sides of my nose! My cheeks look great all day though. I think this foundation would be fabulous for those who have normal to dry skin. It's definitely one of my favorite finishes in foundations, but unfortunately it doesn't always work well on my skin. Setting the foundation with a powder buys me a bit more time, but this isn't a foundation I would wear if I need my makeup to last all day. One more note, I'm not a fan of the scent of this foundation. It smells a bit like paint to me- it's not super strong, but enough for me to notice and not enjoy the smell.

Repurchase? No, sadly.

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