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Review | Anastasia Brow Duality

Anastasia Brow Duality// Shell & Lace

I'm not embarrassed to admit that I'm rather obsessed with eyebrows. I'm convinced that if my brows are taken care of, I'll look more put together with or without any extra make up. Anastasia has fabulous brow products, and I thought I'd share my favorite!

Brow Duality is a dual ended highlighting pencil. The one I have is in Shell & Lace. Shell is matte, and is the consistency of a light concealer. It's almost skin-toned, but a bit lighter, brighter, and with pink-y undertones. I use this right under my brows, to highlight my brow bone. On days where I don't have time to clean up my brows, I'll use a concealer to shape them, then use the Shell end to highlight. This also works well on the cupid's bow and edge of the lower lip for added plump-ness. 
Perception is reality! In a beauty sense, anyway.

The opposite end of Brow Duality is this beautiful gold highlighter "lace". The consistency is really light, almost powdery when it dries. This side is a lot lighter in consistency and thickness than the Shell end, and is a bit more glitzy than the Shell, which is more subtle. I also use this as a cream eye shadow, blended with some black eyeliner/shadow for a subtle-glam look.

Left: Lace
Right: Shell

This is available at Sephora. The packaging has change since I purchased this, but the product is just the same! I have the Shell/Lace because I have yellow undertones. The other option is Camille/Sand for those who have more pink undertones. At $23, it's a bit pricey, but it'll last forever.

Repurchase? Yes.

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