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The Thing About Medical School

So this medical school application thing has seemingly gone on forever and I couldn't be more thrilled that I sent in my last essay yesterday morning. I hope to provide useful information for other students making the transition to a Caribbean school (or out of the country, for that matter), as I know how first-hand accounts have been an immense help to me.

For family reasons, I've missed the deadlines for most US allopathic schools and my MCAT didn't exactly go as I had hoped (My college GPA was fine though, 3.6). Knowing that the exam is about to change for 2015, and my already being out of school for a year or so, I didn't want to wait and re-take and reapply. I know that the Caribbean application process is faster, and would allow for more flexibility given the time constraints.

So far...

St. George's - Waiting for a response...Interviewed 10/5/14 (last week), for the January semester. Ahh so soon. I applied for their KBT program, where you spend the first year in Newcastle in the UK. I've always wanted to study abroad, and never got the chance in college.

Ross - Interviewed 10/4/14, accepted into MERP. Welp. Initially I was accepted to the class that begins on TUESDAY. Yes, as in today. Obviously, that didn't happen.

AUA (Antigua) - Accepted. Interviewed in November. Apparently they also have an MBA program, which I'm interested in doing. Two degrees in 4 years? Sounds good.

SABA - Wanted me to retake the MCAT...What's with this MCAT obsession? I think that 4 years of studies, habits, and performance shows way more than 4 hours out of one day. But it is what it is.

MUA (Nevis) - Accepted. Interviewed in November.

As of now, I've deposited for my seat at AUA, and am waiting on St. George's.
Let's see how this all goes.

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