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Mid-Week Haul

Amidst all the fuss post-Sandy, I made my efforts to run all my errands at once to save gas (don't even get me started about this one. I spent nine hours in line on Sunday to fill up my car. It's like the 1970s again- pictures on my instagram!) and time. I dropped by the mall for the post office and some skincare items, and also picked up a few things for the apartment (and myself).

Being a candle addict, I took advantage of the sale currently going on at Bath & Body Works. All the small candles (4oz) are $5 (on sale from the usual $10). Of course I couldn't help myself, so I picked up 4. I made my best efforts not to purchase a ton more. The large 3 wick candles are about 14oz, and I figured that buying 4 of the small ones (total 16oz) actually gives you more candle than one of the large ones (14oz total). I figured it was a better deal, and I could get more scents for the same price!

(A little note about the burn time of the 4 oz candles vs 14oz candles; the smaller candles seem to take longer to burn off the top layer (for the entire top part to melt) in comparison to the larger candles. So if you don't that much time, perhaps light a big one!)

Nutmeg and Spice - I think this one is either the same or very similar to last year's Kitchen Spice scent, which was one of my absolute favorites! I'm not sure if it's been discontinued, but I couldn't find any. This one smells just as good though.

Mahogany Teakwood - There's been a ton of buzz about this scent, and how it smells like the Abercrombie store (which it does, but more understated and less potent). To me, it smells like cologne, and leaves my apartment with a light lingering scent. It's perfect. I got two of these!

Sandalwood Vanilla - Smells like comfort in a blanket. Such a warm smell, but not overbearing. I can't stand overbearing scents!

This part isn't that exciting, but I needed some hand soap.
Fresh Market Apple
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Iced Ginger Bread (smells exactly like it)
Coconut Lime Verbena

I mentioned in an earlier post (here) that the bismuth oxychloride may be causing me to break out from the BareMinerals. I went back to the store and exchanged it for the matte version, which does not have that ingredient. Will report back later with results and reviews!

I went to Sephora next, and picked up a new perfume. I haven't purchased a new perfume since...last year when I got Black Orchid//Tom Ford (lovely scent! but it can be a bit heavy). I've been wanting Rose the One//Dolce & Gabbana. I loved the sample I had, so I went for the full size. I purchased The One Gentleman for my boyfriend, and it smells absolutely delicious. I also took advantage of my 100 point perk and picked up the Lancome Hypnose Star mascara. I also picked up Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask (not pictured). Super excited to give it a try!

I hope everybody is having a good week!

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