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Review | Butter London - Big Smoke

It's a fine Tuesday evening, and I've decided to paint my nails blue (something I don't usually do). I remember seeing this color at Ulta a few months ago, and just HAD to have it for whatever reason. It just looked so beautiful in the bottle - sapphire blue (it's actually called Big Smoke).

My first impressions of this polish once I'd opened it wasn't all that good. The first layer looked so ridiculously sheer that I wasn't convinced that two layers would make it opaque enough to be the same color as I see in the bottle. I find that the formula is also a bit runnier than I'd like.

That being said, I do find that painting a second or third layer before the first (or second) layer has completely dried helps build up the color quite nicely. Make sure that your polish strokes are straight since it'll be really apparent and messy looking otherwise. In total, I painted about three layers to build up the color. I also noticed, while painting on the top coat, that it stripped off a bit of the blue! Maybe it's because I didn't allow the polish to dry completely, but that was quite annoying.

All in all I absolutely love the color, it's such a gorgeous deep blue that's perfect for fall and winter. I don't own enough Butter London nail polishes to give a well rounded opinion on whether I like them or not - I have just one other "Tea with the Queen", which is a really pretty nude-y color. Again, I'm not particularly satisfied with how runny it is, or that it takes such effort to build up the color, but at least it came out nicely!

I hope your week is going well, and if you have any nail polish suggestions, please share!

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