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End Of Year Travels - Las Vegas 2012

To celebrate the end of the year (and semester), a few girlfriends and I made our way to Las Vegas! It was an amazing trip, although exhausting. We stayed at the Mirage Hotel & Casino, which is on the strip, with all the attractions within walking distance.

On our second day, we visited the Grand Canyon- read about that here.

Surrender - Saw Steve Aoki here! The club was a bit small on the inside. There is a super nice outdoor area, but considering it was about 40 degrees outside, we didn't really enjoy that part. The DJ was great though!

Tao - Probably one of my favorite clubs/lounges I've been to. With three floors, there are several bars, nice lounge areas, and a restaurant downstairs. We throughly enjoyed DJ Hardwell and the open bar! The decor was beautiful.

Wicked Spoon (@ The Cosmopolitan) - Suchhhh a delicious buffet. There were all types of foods you can think of, from shrimp & grits to chocolate covered strawberries. It was rather expensive for a buffet, but I'd say it was worth it.

Mon Ami Gabi - A french steakhouse located in the "Paris" section of the strip.

 Hash House - Located in one of the hotels, it was one of the Best of Las Vegas restaurants, and it was. The four of us ordered two of the the sage fried chicken (pictured below) and shared. It was the most delicious lunch (and probably one of the most unhealthy). The portions are absolutely enormous, and are super wallet friendly. It was only about 10/person, and considering the amount of food, it was great.

 Cesar's Palace - This place is huge! It's a hotel and casino, and has a ton of shopping and restaurants as well. There an indoor shopping strip where the ceiling is designed to look like a blue sky. Absolutely gorgeous.

 The Venetian - Another hotel and casino, and fabulously elaborate. There's even indoor gondola rides (where the tour guide sings!), as if you were in Italy.

 Hotel Bellagio - May look familiar if you've seen Oceans 11, which was filmed here. There were gorgeous indoor gardens and extensive holiday decorations.

New Years and Favorites!

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