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Pittsburgh Pictures

I can't believe April is over and tomorrow marks the beginning of May. I was in Pittsburgh last week visiting colleges with my brother, who's a high school senior. I arrived a day early in order to spend some time catching up with one of my best friends who lives in the area.

My flight got in early in the morning, leaving me with some time to drive around exploring the city for a bit. I also found myself at the mall and picked up quite a few things. The drive around Pittsburgh was beautiful. The hills, tunnels, and multiple bridges made it unique, and quite enjoyable. I did get lost a couple of times, but that's usually welcomed whilst aimlessly exploring a new city. I found myself at Grandview Avenue, which turns out to be the most amazing view of the city (pictured below). I found myself envying those living in the apartments that have this view.

Of course I had to go back at night:

Have you been to Pittsburgh?

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