Hi there!

December Update

OHMYGOODNESS it's December. I just got back to the city from visiting my parents for Thanksgiving. I'm surprised I haven't forgotten how to drive! They live in a super small town, so it was a good break from the city.

I've been so super super busy the past couple of months, and I'm glad things are finally winding down (sort of). I ended up taking the MCAT on September 5 and it was, put simply, the worst. It takes over your life and leaves you being a shell of science facts. Following the exam was a ton of application business, essay writing, professor stalking, and interviews. 

I did manage to take a break though, the boyfriend and I took a cruise and went to Las Vegas (I'll definitely show pictures in a following blog post). I've started another blog regarding premed, MCAT, applications, and so forth as well. I know I've found those blogs to be SUPER helpful.

Anyway, I hope you're all having a wonderful fall/beginning of winter. I'm off to go Christmas shopping! Until next time.

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