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Last Minute Acceptance

Happy Friday! I got into St. George's yesterday! Which is quite exciting considering how late it is in the month. It's too late for the 

Global Scholars Program

 that I initially applied for, so I was accepted for the Grenada campus, with orientation beginning on Janury 14, 2015. I've submitted my deposit, and so it's official. I'll keep updated with packing lists, and all of that.

Side note!

The Global Scholar's Program is where first year students spend their first year of basic sciences in Newcastle, UK at Northumbria University. The second year would be spent in Grenada. The program is properly accredited in the United States, so clinicals, residencies and beyond wouldn't be an issue. One big thing is that students are not eligible for ANY financial aid during the 4 years if they participate in the program. Their application is a separate essay along with the regular application.

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