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LOST: Arriving in Grenada

LOST: Arriving in Grenada

Alright, so it's my first day on the island. I packed up the last bit and headed to JFK last night for a 12:25am direct flight to Grenada. JFK was a complete zoo. Everyone seemed to have flights on Saturday night/early Sunday morning. When I arrived at the gate, it was pretty obvious that pretty much everyone is a student, or accompanying a student. I met a couple of people, and also met my roommate and her family, which was nice. Our flight got delayed until about 1:30am- something about being unable to find the passenger who owned a particular bag that was already loaded so they had to unload everything and find said bag. Womp.

ANYWAY, the temperature on the plane was SUPER high for whatever the reason, and so I barely got any sleep. Customs took about an hour and a half, starting with an unorganized baggage situation. The airport is quite small, so you walk off the plane, then into the airport. Bags are strewn everywhere in the baggage claim area, and everyone is left to fend for themselves. A couple of people were unlucky and couldn't find their bags. I personally didn't have an issue getting through customs. 

Everyone had their electronic customs form, regular customs form, school letter, acceptance letter, and passport.

 I didn't have my electronic customs form and it was fine anyway, but I heard some people having a difficult time with that. I was told not to claim anything, so I guess it worked. There were people from St. George's that met us on the other end of customs who were organizing taxis to take us to our respective dormitories.

I tried to take a couple of pictures while in the taxi to the Grand Anse campus- the driver was really nice. I did notice that the driving isn't nearly as regulated as it is in the US, but somehow it works.

We got to our dormitories, and retrieved the key from the RA. Opened the door, and was less than pleased. I mean, the photos make the place look much nicer than it is. There's a moldy and damp smell, super rusty bathrooms, a dingy cheap-motel style carpet and twin beds. The only upside is the size. It is quite large for a dorm, but I'd rather a smaller and more reasonable place to reside.

There are also these creepy stains on the side of the bookshelf. They kind of look like little heads with hair and no faces. Right??

LOST: Arriving Pt 2

LOST: Arriving Pt 2

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