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This Is Grenada | Errands, Radisson, Umbrellas

This Is Grenada | Errands, Radisson, Umbrellas

We're all going to be SUPER appreciative of all the amenities of the United States. At least I will be. Across the street from the Grand Anse dorms is a plaza with a grocery store, gym, hardware store, shoe store, KFC and I think something else. We had to stop by the grocery store for some food (campus doesn't feed us well) and the hardware store for some storage bins and boxes, and a transformer to convert the electricity to the proper voltage.

Notice the prices!! ($1 US = $2.6 ish EC)

IGA- The grocery store looks pretty much like a US grocery store, only more expensive and less choice. It's also common for them to run out of things...for weeks or months at a time evidently. We got eggs yesterday! Which was exciting because they sell out, and weren't available when we went a couple of days ago. I heard that we should get fruit from the fruit lady or the locals instead of the grocery store. It's insanely expensive at the grocery store. I saw a handful (literally) of cherries for $12 US.

More grocery store

The flowers are pretty though!

The hardware store next door is called Creative something or other, and they sell anything you might need in that department- key rings, hangers, tupperware, plastic drawers, transformers, etc. The latter two is what we went for. Nearly had a heart attack when I saw how much those plastic drawers were. You know- the ones you can get at Target for $15. They were $50US. Omg. We got two for our stuff, and probably will get one more to share and store cookware, etc.

Hardware store


The transformer was necessary though. People say we can purchase them from upper-termers but we couldn't find anyone selling them and couldn't wait any longer to charge our electronics. I was initially pretty worried about the voltage conversion because I had absolutely no idea how it works. The store employees didn't do a great job explaining, but I got it eventually. They really do want to help which I appreciate though.

Transformer/converter thing

Transformers Explained

- The max wattage of your appliance must be equal or less than the maximum the transformer can hold. For example, the transformer we got can hold up to 1500W (it's written on the box). My electric kettle requires 1500W (again, written on the box or appliance) so it works. Anything that heats up cannot be run simultaneously; I cannot run the electric kettle and the coffee maker together, HOWEVER using the kettle or coffee maker along with charging the ipod/laptop is fine. Does that make sense? Set the transformer to 220V (to convert down. if you set it to the 120V, it'll convert it to a higher voltage). You plug the transformer into the wall + plug a surge protector into the transformer + plug your appliances into the surge protector. Voila.

Pool at the Radisson

My roommate's parents stayed at the Radisson, and so I took a couple of pictures. The beach view is gorgeous! The hotel is maybe a 5 minute walk from our dorm.

Radisson Lobby

Lastly, we went to grab dinner at a popular student local called Umbrellas (It seems that these places are all named after inanimate objects- Umbrellas, Bananas, etc). Here's a few pictures of the view.

Umbrellas Restaurant/Beach Bar

The view from our table

BASIC SCIENCES | Orientation

BASIC SCIENCES | Orientation

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