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ISLAND LIFE | Caribbean Medical Student Wardrobe Staples

ISLAND LIFE | Caribbean Medical Student Wardrobe Staples

  • A good pair of leggings and yoga pants. My personal favorite are by Zella, sold at Nordstrom. They're super comfortable to wear, wash and dry well, and doesn't make you feel too frumpy! The workout-wear material also dries faster than the traditional cotton legging, making it a perfect choice for tropical weather (and the unexpected rain!).

  • Tank tops. Back to the basics guys. Throw one on with a pair of yoga pants, and voila! An outfit for lecture. My favorites are from Target!

  • Sports bra

  • Workout tops. Sweaty Betty tank pictured above.

  • A comfortable, light weight sweatshirt. I always have one of these either on, or with me for classes and studying. Study halls can get chilly with the AC (definitely not complaining though, I'd much rather it be cold than warm!). I can't get enough of the basic Wildfox ones.

  • Rain jacket because it pours unexpectedly.

  • Shorts because it's permanently summer down here. The ones pictured above are from One Teaspoon.

  • Sweatpants. Enough said.

  • Bathing suit; do go to the beach from time to time!

  • Flipflops. The Old Navy ones are my go-to. They're comfortable and inexpensive, which is important since I tend to go through them quickly on the island.

  • Birkenstocks because it's nice to wear something more substantial than just a flip flop sometimes. Available at Nordstrom

  • Slippers to be comfortable in my dorm.

  • Athleticshoes to wear to the gym. I love my Nike Theas.

  • Large, water resistant tote. Absolutely necessary, especially the water resistant part. Don't want your notes and electronics ruined because of the rain. Longchamp is fantastic, but I'm currently using the "Ryan" diaper bag from LeSportSac. Don't judge until you try it! There's so many compartments for everything, and two sections for bottles; one for my water, the other for an umbrella. Love love love this bag.

  • Sunglasses to hide behind because we're all going to wake up with bags under our eyes from long nights of studying. And nobody wants premature wrinkles!

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